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古英語全般 (Old English)

* Old English at the University of Virginia [by Peter S. Baker, author of Introduction to Old English (3rd ed., Blackwell, 2012)]
Old English Aerobics など、コンテンツが教育的配慮に富んでいます。
* Old English at the University of Calgary [by Murray McGillivray]
* Old English Made Easy
* Old English Literature and Culture Resources [at the University of Adelaide Library]
* WebLearn: Showcase Old English
University of Oxford での古英語のe-learning のサイトです。
* Old English Literature: A Hypertext Course Pack
University of Oxford のEnglish Faculty が立ち上げたプロジェクトです。主要な作品のハイパーテクストやリンク集があります。
* Old English Language and Literature Resources [at University of Connecticut Medieval Studies Program]
* Woruldhord Project
University of Oxford が立ち上げた、古英語の研究・教育用の総合ウェブサイトです。

* English 475 ― Old English [by Edwin Duncan, Towson University]
* ENGL1008 Language, Text, and Culture in the Early Middle Ages [by Bella Millett, University of Southampton]
"grammar" で古英語の文法が解説されています。
* King Alfred's Grammar Book [by Michael D. C. Drout, Wheaton College and Dedham, Mass.]
* The Old English Language
* Learning Old English [by Tony Jebson, incomplete]
* Old English Lessons [by Ee-Ing Ong]
* Old English Online: Series Introduction [by Jonathan Slocum and Winfred P. Lehmann, University of Texas at Austin]
* An Anglo-Saxon (Old English) Subject Reader
* The Historical Grammar of the Old English Language
* Old English [by Fidel Fajardo-Acosta (Creighton University)]
* Essentials of Old English [by Jeremy Smith, University of Glasgow]
* Introduction to Old English Language and Literature [by Kevin Kiernan, University of Kentucky]
古英語の語形変化表やBosworth-Toller の全ページの画像などが載っています。
* Daniel Paul O'Donnell's Tutorials
* The Spoken Word [Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic, University of Cambridge]
* An Anglo-Saxon Reader [Germanic Lexicon Project]
James W. Bright による同名の書(1912)の電子版です。
* Some Important OE Paradigms
* Online Old English Paradigm Project [by Greg Laing, PhD student at Western Michigan University]
* Germanic Languages: Conjugate Old English Verbs [at verbix.com]
* Old English/Anglo-Saxon
* History of the English Language (Old English Sound System)
パワーポイントのファイルとBeowulf の音声ファイルがあります。
* Notes and Translations [by Jonathan A. Glenn, University of Central Arkansas]
* Electronic Beowulf: Index & Guide [by Kevin Kiernan, University of Kentucky]
Electronic Beowulf (CD-ROM, 2003) のオンラインガイドです。
* Resources for the Study of Beowulf
University of Nevada の図書館が運営する、Beowulf 関係の総合リンク集です。
* Electronic Boethius: Alfred the Great's Old English Consolation of Philosophy [by Kevin Kiernan, University of Kentucky]
* The Alfredian Boethius Project: Anglo-Saxon adaptations of the De Consolatione Philosophiae
University of Oxford で現在進行中のプロジェクトです。
* MANCASS C11 Database Project: An Inventory of Script and Spellings in Eleventh-Century English
University of Manchester で現在進行中のプロジェクトです。

* Old English Graphotactics [by Robert D. Stevick, University of Washington]
古英語の写本におけるテキスト間のspacing を研究するサイトです。現在BeowulfAlexander's Letter が公開されています。
* The Old English Manuscript Database [by John Herrington, Georgetown University]
* The Influence of Latin on Old English
Edward Moore による短いエッセーです。
* Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Anglo-Saxon Authors
* Awritan on Englisch: Englisch List Website -- A Forum for Composition in Old English
* Anglo-Saxon Aloud [by Michael D. C. Drout, Wheaton College, Norton, MA]
現存する古英詩全てを収録したAnglo-Saxon Poetic Records の朗読のプロジェクトです。
* Computing with Accents, Symbols & Foreign Scripts: Old English

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