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Power Mac 6100 G3

Quadra 605

PowerBook 150
Spec. : Newer Maxpowr PDS G3 330MHz, HD Seagate ST340015A (40GB)+ CHB35INT2, HPV-card 4MB, RAM 136MB, Internal 1.3GB MOdrive MCE3130SS, YAMAHA CRW8424E+ AEC-7720UW Spec. : XC68040-33MHz, HD IBM DTLA-305030 (30.5GB) +CHB35INT, RAM 68MB, VRAM 1MB, Internal Card- Reader drive MCR-SFB Spec. : XC68030-40MHz, HD IBM DVAA- 2810 (791MB), RAM 24MB, ADB port

Internal M.O. Drive Fujitsu MCF3064SS

Internal C.R.Drive Melco MCR-SFB

HINGE : Replacing a new coil !

Beyond the plate! Fujitsu MCE3130SS

How's it hanging?


YAMAHA CRW8424E with AEC-7720UW

IDE-SCSI converter : CHB35INT

Expansion of the ADB port

IDE-SCSI converter : CHB35INT2

Speed up to 33MHz: XC68040/25

Speed up to 40MHz:

Newer Maxpowr PDS G3 330MHz

Asante MCiLC 10T

What's wrong?
Don't boot-up

Sonnet Crescendo
NuBus G3 500MHz

Quadra 605 and LC475

Asante Micro EN/SC
EXTRAS - - -

Workgroup Server 6150/66

NANAO i-Switch S1 with PowerMac 6100

Adjustable Keyboard

Workgroup Server 6150/G3 500MHz

Which one is best?
MO,ZIP for PM6100

Damn it!
Fujitsu MO Drive

hp Network Printer for PM6100

Fluid Dynamic Bearing Hard Disk for PM6100

Power Mac G4 Cube

KENSINGTON Trackballs !!

It's a newcomer

Maintenance tips

iMac DV Indigo

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Power Book G4 PISMO

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